Die Ou Plaashuis

Die Ou Plaashuis is indeed what the name suggests: an old farmhouse. Here we try and make our guests as comfortable as possible without sacrificing our old farmhouse ways and traditions.
We get up early in the morning, then the dogs start barking, the birds start chirping and the kettle starts whistling. We then start brewing real moer coffee and the aroma fills the whole house. In winter we light the old Union stove and everybody comes to warm the hands, body and backside.
Our rooms are very spacious and bathrooms are en suite. Each room has a separate outside entrance also for privacy and convenience.

Kaapse Hoop is still safe and quiet and you can go walking day or night without fear of being attacked. We lock our doors at night but we are thankful that we don't need burglar bars, infra red rays and boobie traps to keep out intruders, because there is none. Our dogs sleep inside and although noisy are very alert and effective deterrents. Cars are parked inside the yard and the gate is locked at night.
Our tariff is only R400-00 per person per night, staying for 2 nights or more, one night only will cost you R430-00 per person per night.

You are most welcome to contact us any way you like:

e-mail address: kaapsehoopouplaasbnb@gmail.com


Carel : 0746969033

Saar : 0617225515

Alternative : 0849893039